Brussels child benefit rates increase by 2% in May (first payment in June). More info can be found in our news section.

What happens to the child benefit if my child has a disability?

You can receive a supplement until the month in which the child with a disability turns 21. You can receive a child benefit supplement until the month in which the child turns 21. This supplement is added to the basic child benefit, along with other possible supplements.

Please note that since January 2022, young people aged between 18 and 21 can also claim a replacement income and/or an integration income from the Federal Public Service Social Security. Please contact the FPS Social Security to submit your claim.

If a replacement income and/or an integration income is granted, the disability supplement to the child benefit will no longer be applicable.

When are you entitled to the supplement?

A doctor from Iriscare’s CEAH (Centre d’évaluation de l’autonomie et du handicap) determines whether your child is entitled to a supplement. Three pillars are taken into account:

  • The physical and mental consequences of the disability
  • The consequences for the child’s participation in daily life (mobility, ability to learn, personal hygiene, etc.)
  • The consequences of the disability for the family (medical treatment, travel, adaptation of the living environment, etc.)

Points are awarded for each of these pillars. Your child receives a supplement if your child:

  • obtains at least 4 points for the first pillar
  • or at least 6 points for the three pillars combined

How to apply for a supplement?

Contact your child benefit fund. It will forward your application to the CEAH, which will send you a letter with all the practical information and the forms you have to complete and return to them. You can also have the forms filled out by your health insurance fund or by a local social worker.

Based on the submitted data, the CEAH will:

  • assess the child’s disability
  • invite your child for a medical examination to assess the disability, based on established criteria

The doctor will communicate his decision to the family and to the child benefit fund. The supplement, if any, is paid monthly along with the basic child benefit, starting from the month following the date mentioned on the decision by the CEAH.

Your child turned 21?

Your child is no longer entitled to the disability supplement to the child benefit from the CEAH, paid by the child benefit fund Famiris. However, your child can still claim a replacement income and/or an integration income from the FPS Social Security. For more information, please visit the website of FPS Social Security.

Your child’s condition changes or you disagree with the decision

If your child’s condition changes, ask your child benefit fund to arrange a new assessment. You may be entitled to a higher amount. Registering as unemployed does not lead to a review of the decision.

The CEAH will invite your child for a new assessment. It will communicate its decision to you and to the child benefit fund. The child benefit fund carries out the decision and informs you on this matter.

If you disagree with the decision taken by the CEAH medical service on your child’s disability, you can lodge an appeal at your local labour court.

More information on the assessment of your child’s disability

Visit the website of Iriscare of myIriscare.

You can also contact the CEAH by phone on 0800 35 499 (8.00 a.m. – 4.30 p.m.). If you have any questions about the amount of your child benefit, please contact Famiris through the contact section.

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