Brussels child benefit rates increase by 2% in May (first payment in June). More info can be found in our news section.

Maternity allowance for your child in Brussels

When your child is born you are entitled to a maternity allowance, your financial boost. Still waiting for your sprout? Ask your maternity benefit in advance. You can receive this one-time allowance two months before the expected date of birth!

Apply for maternity allowance

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A personal approach.

Your personal account manager is your contact at all time. He or she can help you with all your questions so you can receive the child support you’re entitled to.


A wide expertise.

Famiris is there for every Brussels’ family. With 90 years of experience, we can help each child and family, whatever the situation.



Our only goal? The best service for every family. Famiris is a public non-profit institution. You can rely on us and trust us

We are always there for you

Your personal account manager is there every day to answer all your questions concerning your account. They can bring clarity to all issues that are somehow unclear to you.

Together we want the best for you and your child.