How to apply for the maternity allowance in Brussels?

The birth of your baby is the start of a new adventure. Famiris is there to support you financially when your child is born with the maternity allowance.

Do you live in Brussels? Then apply for the maternity allowance at Famiris, the family allowance fund for all Brussels residents.

Read all about the maternity allowance on this page.

How much does the maternity allowance amount to?

For the first child of one of the parents it amounts to €1.340,90 euro. For the second child the benefit amounts to €609,50 euro.

Is it a multiple birth? You will receive a maternity benefit of €1.340,90 euro for every child. This is both for a first child or the following ones.

All amounts mentioned are effective following the indexation of 01/05/2024 (for more information on indexation system)

When do I receive the maternity allowance?

You will receive the maternity benefit at the earliest two months before the expected date of birth.

A maternity benefit is also due after a 180 day pregnancy in the case of a miscarriage or stillbirth. In this case, please send us the stillbirth registration certificate. You may obtain this from your municipality’s registry office.

Who can claim the maternity benefit?

The mother may claim the maternity benefit.

When can I claim the maternity allowance?

You may claim it from the sixth month of pregnancy onwards.

Is your child already born?

No need to worry: the benefit may be claimed up to three years after your child’s date of birth. All you have to do is send us the birth certificate or a family composition certificate from your municipality. These can be obtained from your municipality’s registry office.

Was your child born abroad?

Just let us know and we will make sure you receive the maternity grant according to the corresponding international regulations.

How do I claim the maternity allowance?

At Famiris we keep it simple. There are several ways to claim the maternity benefit.

Thanks to our online tool this is quite easy. A few clicks will do the job! You will need your national number and your child’s birth certificate (from your doctor, gynaecologist or midwife).

  • Do you already have a file at Famiris? You may claim the grant using your myFamiris profile. Or use the on-line tool. Easy and fast.
  • No file yet at Famiris? Claim your maternity grant using our on-line tool.

Would you prefer to claim your maternity grant with a paper form? This is possible. Download the form, fill it out, scan it and e-mail it to or mail it to us (Famiris, Trierstraat 70, 1000 Brussels). Our staff will deal with your claim as soon as possible.

Would you prefer to visit us in person? You arre welcome in our offices in the Trierstraat 70 in Brussels. Or just put your application in our mailbox.

You claimed your maternity allowance. What’s next?

After the birth of your child, Famiris automatically pays you your monthly child benefits. You should register the birth within fifteen days at the registry office of the municipality in which the child was born. This will allow Famiris to start paying your child benefits as soon as possible. In some municipalities the birth can also be registered at the maternity ward.

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