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From age 18: do I still get child benefit?

Posted on 23 January 2024

Child benefit is granted without any special conditions until 31st August of the year in which the young person turns 18. From age 18, he or she must be a student or registered with Actiris as a jobseeker. Famiris checks the youngster’s status by means of a form sent at the beginning of the school year.

Student jobs

As a rule, young people must not work more than 240 hours per quarter to retain their right to child benefit. If that is not the case, we have to reclaim the unduly paid child benefit.

This rule does not apply in July, August and September. During this period we do not take into account the hours worked by the youngster as long as he or she continues his or her studies in the following school year.

End of studies

If the young person finishes his studies, he must register with Actiris before 1st August. The young person is then entitled to child benefits for 360 days from 1st August. If the young person works more than 240 hours per quarter, the child benefits are suspended.

Studying abroad

If the youngster decides to study abroad, he or she will continue receiving child benefit as long as his/her main residence is in Brussels. The duration of the child benefit varies according to the place where the young person is studying (European Economic Area or outside).


If you have any questions about students and job seekers, please see our FAQ and/or contact us.