Brussels child benefit rates increase by 2% in May (first payment in June). More info can be found in our news section.

Child benefits

Augmentation des allocations familiales
6 May 2024

Increase in Brussels child benefit rates in May 2024 

In May 2024, Brussels child benefits increase by 2% due to indexation. Famiris will pay the May child benefits on […]

jeune étudiant
23 January 2024

From age 18: do I still get child benefit?

Child benefit is granted without any special conditions until 31st August of the year in which the young person turns […]

Calendrier de paiement 2024
1 January 2024

When will your child benefit be paid in 2024?

At Famiris, we think it’s important that you can receive and use your child benefit as soon as possible each […]

Mother with her two children
17 October 2023

The cadastral income: new condition for the social supplement

Do you have a modest household income? You may then be entitled to a social supplement to child benefit. From […]

25 August 2023

Young jobseeker: what about child benefits?

In order to continue receiving child benefits after the age of 18 (and up to the age of 25), the […]

25 August 2023

Can my child receive child benefits himself?

Child benefits are paid in priority to the mother or, if not, to the person who is raising the child […]

Augmentation des allocations familiales
10 November 2022

Increase in Brussels child benefit rates

In November 2023, Brussels child benefits increased by 2% due to indexation. Famiris will pay the November child benefits on […]