Child benefits for refugees from Ukraine

You can download the Ukrainian or Russian version of this page.

Families with children or children who have fled Ukraine due to the war, will be entitled to child benefit in Brussels.

Is there a right to child benefit?

In order to obtain the right to child benefit, the beneficiary child must have a valid residence permit. Children from families who have fled Ukraine will receive a temporary protection status for a period of one year, which can subsequently be extended. Once a Belgian National Register number has been assigned and the children are officially domiciled in he Brussels-Capital Region, the right to child benefit can be conferred on the basis of this temporary protection, as from the month following that in which all the above conditions have been fulfilled.

How long does this right continue to exist?

The right continues for the duration of the temporary protection and the registration in the Belgian National Register.

How to apply for child benefit?

This can be done via the Famiris website using our online application tool  or by completing the following form . and providing it to us. You also can download the Russian, or Ukrainian version.

The Public Welfare Centre (CPAS-OCMW) provides families assistance with their applications. Note that you must wait to apply until a National Register number has been assigned and the child in question is officially domiciled in Brussels. It is absolutely necessary to satisfy this domicile requirement in order for us to examine the right to child benefit.

What if the refugee is staying with a host family?

Children from families under temporary protection (see above) will be considered separate entities.

Consequently, this situation will have no impact on the host family’s child benefit situation.

How much is the child benefit?

The child benefit will be the same as for all Brussels children (0-25 years). Click here for an overview of the amounts. If the conditions are met, you will also be entitled to a social supplement. For more information please see our FAQ on this subject.

Please note that children who attend school within the Flemish Community, may also be entitled to additional bonuses as part of the Groeipakket. More information on this subject can be found here:ïne.


Please provide Famiris with a bank account number as soon as possible. The temporary protection status allows families to open an account with a Belgian financial institution. Direct payment to an account is the safest and fastest way to receive payments.

If we are not provided with a valid bank account number, we will be have to pay by circular cheque. Find more information on the basic banking service.

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