My child is studying abroad: am I entitled to child benefit?

My child is studying abroad, now what? Your child may keep receiving child benefits under conditions if he/she remains registered in Brussels.

In the case of studies abroad, the course programme should be recognized by the state of that country. If the programme is not recognized, the student should follow courses for 17 hours (secondary education) or for 13 hours or 27 credits (higher education).

What to do if your child studies abroad?

You should inform Famiris that your child is studying abroad. Use the form which you will receive from us at the beginning of the school year. Your personal case worker will send you the proper form for the foreign educational institution to fill out and to be returned to us.

Where does your child study?

Your child studies in a country of the European Economic Area

If your child is studying in a country in the European Economic Area and continues to reside in Brussels, you can receive Brussels child benefits for the duration of the study.

The same applies to exchange programs such as Erasmus.

However, the usual conditions must be met in order to receive child benefit for the child concerned:

  • the child must be under 25 years of age,
  • he/she must remain domiciled in Belgium,
  • and be exclusively or mainly your responsibility.

If your child meets all these conditions, you can continue to receive child benefit in Belgium while your child is studying abroad.

Your child studies in a country outside of the European Economic Area

Is your child studying outside Europe? Then you will still get child benefit for a maximum of one year. If your child continues to study outside the European Economic Area after that year, you will no longer be entitled to child benefit.

Bilateral agreements outside of the EEA:

There are exceptions in certain countries outside Europe for which specific rules exist.

Belgium concluded bilateral agreements with a number of countries that are not part of the EEA: Algeria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Israel, Macedonia, Montenegro, Morocco, Serbia, Tunisia and Turkey.

Each agreement includes specific conditions for awarding Belgian child benefits. For more information, get in touch with your personal case worker.

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