Brussels child benefit rates increase by 2% in May (first payment in June). More info can be found in our news section.

What happens when my child starts working?

My child is younger than 18

In Brussels children are entitled to child benefits until 31 August of the year in which they turn 18. They need to have the Belgian nationality or be authorised to reside in Belgium.

My child is older than 18 and works

Children can remain entitled to child benefits from September of the year in which they turn 18 onwards until the maximum age of 25. The children have to go to school or have to be registered as school-leavers in search of employment.

Students or young persons in search of employment may work and yet obtain child benefits, on condition that they work for a maximum of 240 hours per quarter.

If they work more than 240 hours per quarter, they’re not entitled to child benefits for the entire quarter.

The third quarter (from July until September) is an exception to this rule. During this period young persons may work more than 240 hours without losing their child benefits, on condition that they continue to go to school in the following school year (in September).

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