Am I entitled to child benefits in Brussels if my child lives outside of Belgium.

Does your child live outside of Belgium, but in a Member State of the European Union? In that case, you may still be entitled to Brussels child benefits.

Both parents work in Brussels and the child lives abroad (in a member state of the European Union).

You are still entitled to child benefits. Famiris will pay you these benefits.

Brussels is competent to pay the child benefits for your child. The child’s country of residence will pay the difference, if any.

One of the parents works in Brussels and the other one works abroad (but in a Member State of the European Union), and the child is living with the parent abroad.

In this case, the child’s country of residence will take priority to pay the child benefits. Brussels will have to compensate for any difference in these rates.

Example: Bob is living with his parents in France. His parents work for a company with a Brussels-based head office. In this case, Brussels will pay Bob’s child benefits. France will pay the difference in the rates (if the French child benefits are higher than the Belgian ones).

Your child resides in a country outside of the European Union?

Belgium has bilateral agreements with certain countries: Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Morocco, Montenegro, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey and Israel.

All these agreements contains specific terms pertaining to the entitlement to Belgian child benefits.


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