How do I claim the child benefits?

The procedure below applies to Brussels only.

You already have a file with us

In that case child benefits will be paid automatically from the birth of your child onwards.

Don’t forget to claim the advance payment of the maternity allowance. This can be done quickly and easily using our on-line tool. Another option is to email your personal case worker.

You have no file with us yet

Not yet a Famiris customer? You may simply claim child benefits using our on-line tool. A few clicks will do the job.

You can also fill out the form Claim child benefits and send it to us: Famiris, Trierstraat 70 box 1, 1000 Brussels.

The easiest way is to make a scan or take a picture of the filled out form and send it to or to your case worker.

Any other questions?

Get in touch with us at or with your case worker.

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