Brussels child benefit rates increase by 2% in May (first payment in June). More info can be found in our news section.

Does an orphan receive increased child benefits?

Yes, an orphaned child is entitled to additional child benefit. Famiris supports children and young people who need extra help.

When a child is orphaned after losing one or both parents, he/she may be entitled to increased child benefits. With this increase of the child benefits Famiris intends to offer your family some financial support.

How much is this increase?

You can calculate which amount you will receive yourself using our calculator. This is how Famiris calculates your amount:

Here’s how Famiris calculates your amount:

Amount of orphan’s benefit in Belgium: calculation method from 2020

A child who has lost one parent is entitled to the basic amount plus half of it. To this are added any possible supplements linked to income or a disability.

Any income or disability-related supplements are also added.

Calculation before 2020

The single amount was 368.03 euro. To this amount are added the allowances for a disability, if any, and for age.

New in 2020

From January 2020 onwards, the increase for orphans is still due when the surviving parent re-establishes a family.

This rule is applicable to all families with orphans. This means that the single amount (before 2020) remains applicable even if the surviving parent re-establishes a family.

What should I do to receive the increased rate?

You need not do anything. Famiris is automatically informed of a death by the Crossroads Bank and will pay child benefits at the increased rate.

The increased child benefits will be paid to the surviving parent or if both parents are deceased, to the person raising the child.

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