What does the child benefits reform mean for me?

The reform of 1 January 2020?

The Brussels government has laid down new rules for child benefits in the Brussels-Capital Region. These are applied from 1 January 2020 onwards. Most families will receive a higher rate, whereas for some there will be no change.

Will there be changes for me?

For most families, the new rates for child benefits in Brussels will be higher from the first day onwards. This means you are very likely to receive child benefits at a higher rate as of February 2020. Click here for an overview of all the new rates.

The new rules are not necessarily in your favour? There is no need to worry. As long as your family status does not change, the same rate will be due for you. Your personal case worker is paying close attention to your case. Should you be entitled to a higher rate in the future, we will immediately take action.

Would you like to know what the reform implies exactly for your child benefits? Check this with our child benefits calculator.

What actions should I undertake?

There is no need to worry: we will take care of everything!

Is there a child benefits case in your name at Famifed or Famiris? In that case there will be a smooth transition to the new system.

Would you like to become a Famiris customer? Then submit your family allowance application here.

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