When is the school allowance paid?

What is the school allowance ?

The school allowance or the annual age supplement is an allowance which is paid once a year in August, along with the child benefits.

By means of this supplement, Famiris wants to give you and your family a little nudge at the beginning of each school year.

Automatic payment

This allowance is automatically added to the child benefits of July (which are paid in August).

How much is the school allowance?

All amounts mentioned are effective following the indexation of 01/05/2024 (for more information on indexation system).

The school allowance varies according to the age category of the child.

Listed below are the various amounts of the school allowance:

0-2 years old €24,38
3 – 5 years old €24,38
6 – 11 years old €36,57
12 – 17 years old €60,95
18 – 24 years old (no higher education) €60,95
18 – 24 years old (higher education) €97,52

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